Fence Your Way
to the Olympics



USFA Websites:

United States Fencing Association
American Fencing the USFA magazine on-line
USFA Regional Youth Circuit
Fencing Officials Commission
US Fencing Media Resource

Nearby Divisions:

MidAtlantic Section
Philadelphia Division
Harrisburg Division
Metro (NY) Division
Maryland Division
Capitol Division

Fencing Equipment and Accessories

Absolute Fencing Gear
AllStar-USA Fencing
Blade Fencing Online
Blue Gauntlet Online
Duellist Fencing Equipment
Escrime International
Fechtwelt (Germany)
Fencing.net - Fencing Gear
H.O.M. Fencing Supply (Sam Signorelli)
Leon Paul (USA) and Leon Paul (UK) 
Physical Chess
General Information:

USFA Parent Guide to Fencing
NJ Division Parent's guidefrom 2007 parent's clinic. (13MB size, PDF)
Fencing.net - very active fencing news and forum site
Beginner's's Guide to Fencing from fencing.net
Parent's Guide to Fencing from fencing.net
Sam Signorelli's guide for beginners and How to wash your lame and mask

Fencing Masters and Coaches

United States Fencing Coaches Association


The Armouress - Debbie Bratsko's armoury services 

Scholastic and Intercollegiate
New Jersey Intercholastic Fencing Association
NJ.com's high school fencing forum
National Intercollegiate Women's Fencing Association (NIWFA)
New Jersey Interscholastic Fencing Officials Association (NJIFOA) 

History, books, art, videos, etc:

Museum of American Fencing
Books and Reviews
Fencing Videos at Fencing Footage
www.fencingprints.com - Fencing art
www.fencingartofsteel.com/- Fencing art

Non-USA fencing sites:

FIE (Federation Internationale D'Escrime
Canadian Fencing Federation
New Zealand Fencing
Fencing Forum (UK)
Salle Gadaski (London)