The Olympic Sport of Fencing

International Sport in Your Neighborhood

Did you know that fencing is one of only five sports to be featured in every Olympic Games of the modern era?

You may not know it, but there is a huge network of fencers of all ages currently operating in the state of New Jersey.  It is the mission of the New Jersey Division of the US Fencing Association to support those fencers by providing opportunities to compete in organized events, to help aspiring fencers learn the sport, to help experienced fencers improve and gain recognition on the local and national stage through the attainment of ratings and medals, to represent the Division at the national level, and to generally promote and encourage participation in the sport.  

About Us

We are the largest division of USA Fencing and provide sanctioned tournaments for fencers throughout New Jersey. We’re a non-profit organization run by passionate volunteers who love the sport and like to help aspiring fencers. Since 1971, USA Fencing’s New Jersey Division has been the leader in providing a fun environment for fencers to learn and develop into national- and world-class athletes.  We are always looking for energetic people with an interest in fencing to lend a hand, so if you have skills or time to offer, we want to hear from you!

Sanctioned Tournaments

Our main function is to provide a venue for USA Fencing-sanctioned competitions appropriate for fencers of any age or ability.  Our volunteer-run tournaments help local fencers compete for and achieve national ratings.  In addition, we manage local qualification tournaments to the Youth-14, Division II and Division III National Championships, and USA Fencing’s Junior Olympics.

We post a regularly an updated calendar of sanctioned tournaments in the division, giving our fencers ample opportunity to practice their skills and improve to better ratngs and standings. The Division runs a season-long points list (look for New Jersey), awarding the New Jersey Cup to the top three fencers in each of the six senior weapons, across both genders.  There is also a Veteran’s Cup to honor the best fencers among the more seasoned fencers.  

Sport Promotion

USA Fencing’s New Jersey Division also helps to sponsor fencing demonstrations in local middle schools to get kids and young adults involved in fencing.  We try to organize local clubs for students so that they can experience this great sport. If you decide to get involved; we’re fully committed to helping you learn to fence the right way and help you on your way to becoming a great athlete.

Want to find out more?  Contact us today to learn more about the Olympic sport of fencing.

Ready to give it a try?  Get started here for a map of local fencing clubs! 

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