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USA Fencing's New Jersey Division

Member Division of USA Fencing, Affiliated with: the US Olympic Committee(USOC) & International Fencing Federation(FIE).

Executive Committee until July 31, 2016 - EC-NJUSFA@yahoogroups.com

Position Officeholder Disclosure
Chairman Tom Tishman Disclosure
Vice Chair Steve Caputo
Secretary Gene Costa
Treasurer George Bowden Disclosure
Member Paul Apostol Disclosure
Member Hani Copti Disclosure
Member Alex Gioiella
Member Bill Viqueira
Member Gene Packer
Member Glenn Pantel Disclosure
Member Dale Roberts
Member Lana Watson
Member Dirk Goldger

Tournament Committee until July 31, 2016 - E-mail the entire committee


Gene Packer
Co-Chair, Ex-Officio George Bowden
Ex-officio Tom Tishman
Ex-officio Steve Caputo
Ex-officio Gene Costa
Member Alex Gioiella
Member Paul Szmaida
Member Rosa Hearne
Member Ralph Bellantoni
Referee Assignor Abdel Abelaziz
Member Marci White

Nominating Committee 2014 - E-mail the entire committee

Tom Tishman

George Bowden

Dirk Goldgar

Rosa Hearne

Dawn Johnston

Paul Vitale

Ross Woods

Audit Committee

Hani Copti

David Mebane

Ken Martone

High School Committee

Chair Steven Caputo
Member Mitch Dorfman
Member George Janto
Member Gene Packer
Member Dale Roberts


Additional Black Card Penalty Committee

Steve Caputo

Glenn Pantell

Tom Tishman

Marketing Committee

Member Club Function Email
Lauren Cohen Hub City Fencing Academy Chair lauren@hubcityfencing.com
Adrienne Xagoraris Gutkovskiy Director of PR promotefencing@gmail.com
Michael McIntosh Webmaster
Jeffrey Bukantz Member
Sergey Suponya Medeo Member
George LaTorre Medeo Member
Nicole Tilley Atlantic Member
Eric Chen NJFA Member
Anju Dang Premier Member
Tom Tishman Medeo Ex-officio



The division is entirely run by volunteers: mostly fencers and fencers' parents. Volunteer efforts are what makes the division vibrant and fun. Prospective volunteers should contact the Executive Committee at EC-NJUSFA@yahoogroups.com to discuss ways to volunteer and facilitate training. Volunteering at an event is a good way to spend some time while at an event, plus, you may earn a free entry for your child or yourself.

Administrative Information

NJ USFA By-Laws (Updated 2007)